• AIM OF E-Max Computer Education
    The E-Max Computer Education aims to expose each of its Institute student to quality instruction in computers and other topics through the use of a professionally developed computer class syllabus appropriate to the levels of Children, Housewife, Businessman, studying in E-Max Computer Centers. Students learn basic computer applications, the importance of computers and the Internet as well as 100+ Courses
    This is Registered No. : 328/2015 at Haryana, under the Indian Trust Act, recognized by government of New India. The aim of the E-Max Computer is to facilitate the development of education in India. for Tribal and other poor people. To support and contribute in awareness of computer education to people.
    E-Max Computer is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization by Joint Accreditation System QRO, UKAF & Uk Cert (United Kingdom for Quality Management System)


    Vision of E-Max Computer Education "Its New Time To Start Your Life" By Director E-Max Group".

    To represent the computer center franchise opportunities for various state in India. E-Max Computer Education  will be a world leader in preparing professionals who provide exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.
    We are working for Rural development program Organizing a Seminar for Rural area to improve his education Initiating a program in Rural Elementary School aimed to improve environmental knowledge and awareness.
    Development works for the target groups to be carried out with the direct involvement of Tribal Peoples themselves (let them do their development themselves). Development through coordination, collective efforts and net working. Right-based advocacy. Adoption of new working approaches based on situational study and analysis.
    To promote excellence and growth in franchising while serving the interests of its members at the same time. To be the premier source for quality education, training, and professional certification, serving the needs and advancing the excellence of hospitality schools and industries worldwide

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